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Language Actionscript 3


Author:Jason Tye
Score: (2.59 in 17 votes)
package {
	import flash.display.MovieClip;
	public class Beer extends MovieClip {
		/* Set default song parameters: 'beer' in 'bottles' on a 'wall' */
		private var bottleCount:int = 5;
		private var liquid:String = 'beer';
		private var container:String = 'bottle';
		private var surface:String = 'wall';
		/* song is comprised of 4 verses, which we loop through for each bottle */
		private var verse:int = 0;
		private var itVsOne:String = 'one';
		private var plural:String = 's';
		private var outNumber:String = bottleCount.toString();
		/* song line for output */
		private var songLine:String;
		public function Beer() {
			/* Loop through 4 times the numeber of bottles, 4 verses for each bottle */
			var loopCount:int = bottleCount*4; 
			for (var i:int=0; i<loopCount; i++) {
		/* set plural states*/
		private function checkPlural(count:int):void {
			if (count == 1) {
				plural = '';
				outNumber = 'one'
				itVsOne = 'it';
			} else {
				outNumber = count.toString();
		private function sing():String {
			switch (verse) {
				case 0 :
					songLine = outNumber+' '+container+plural+' of '+liquid+' on the '+surface;
				case 1 :
					songLine = outNumber+' '+container+plural+' of '+liquid;
				case 2 :
					songLine = 'take '+itVsOne+' down, pass it around';
				case 3 :
					verse = 0;
					if (bottleCount == 0) {
						songLine = 'no more '+container+'s of '+liquid+' on the '+surface;
					} else {
						songLine = outNumber+' '+container+plural+' of '+liquid+' on the '+surface;
				default :
			return songLine;

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>>  Gaggo said on 11/20/08 16:16:38

Gaggo hmm, just 4?

>>  Goura said on 02/20/09 22:00:22

Goura The beer sings? LOL

>>  Kyle said on 09/19/09 09:37:09

Kyle I tried this but it just says package can not be nested any advice?

>>  barrym said on 08/27/10 07:19:26

barrym I understand the four-part phrase (verse) logic, but two problems are apparent: :-(
1) The song starts at 5 bottles rather than 99 (an easy fix)
2) The "Go to the store ... " verse is missing (a slightly less easy fix)
On the bright side, I like the flexibility of the program to sing about different
containers, liquids and surfaces. :-)

>>  guest said on 09/26/10 19:32:14

guest awfull code! that could be much more easier!

>>  barrym said on 09/27/10 06:36:55

barrym @guest: Please feel free to submit an alternate "more easier" (sic!) version. I
don't know enough about Actionscript 3 to do one myself, but I and many others can
offer our honest opinions (from varying levels of experience) about your code's
appearance and quality. It's a level playing field, and your version could easily
work its way to the top, but only if you submit it! :-)

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