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(Using symbols exclusively)

Author:Nils M Holm
Score: (3.02 in 119 votes)
; Bottles Song in Pure LISP
; Copyright (C) 2003,2006 Nils M Holm. All rights reserved.
; This is purely symbolic lisp.
; There are no pre-defined numbers, not even digits.
; There are no strings.
; There is no input/output.
; There are no side effects.
; Numbers are represented by lists of digits.
; Lyrics are generated in this format:
; (((9 9) bottles of beer on the wall)
;  ((9 9) bottles of beer)
;  (take one down and pass it around)
;  ((9 8) bottles of beer on the wall))
(define (bottles)
  ; Define some sentences
    (quote (bottles of beer on the wall)))

    (quote (bottles of beer))) 

    (quote (take one down and pass it around)))

  ; Append two lists
  (append (lambda (a b)
    (cond ((null a) b)
      (t (cons (car a) (append (cdr a) b))))))
  ; Append four lists
  (append4 (lambda (a b c d)
    (append a (append b (append c d)))))

  ; Find predecessor of digit
  (pred (lambda (n)
      ((eq n (quote 1)) (quote 0))
      ((eq n (quote 2)) (quote 1))
      ((eq n (quote 3)) (quote 2))
      ((eq n (quote 4)) (quote 3))
      ((eq n (quote 5)) (quote 4))
      ((eq n (quote 6)) (quote 5))
      ((eq n (quote 7)) (quote 6)) 
      ((eq n (quote 8)) (quote 7))
      ((eq n (quote 9)) (quote 8))
      (t ()))))

  (cadr (lambda (x) (car (cdr x))))
  (list (lambda (x) (cons x ())))
  (decrement (lambda (n)
    (cond ((null (pred (cadr n)))
        (cons (pred (car n)) (list (quote 9))))
      (t (cons (car n) (list (pred (cadr n))))))))

  (zerop (lambda (n)
    (cond ((eq (car n) (quote 0))
        (cond ((eq (cadr n) (quote 0)) t)
            (t ())))
      (t ()))))
  (verse (lambda (n)
      (list (append (list n) beer-on-wall))
      (list (append (list n) beer)) 
      (list take-down)
      (list (append (list (decrement n)) beer-on-wall)))))
  (count-bottles (lambda (n lyrics)
    (cond ((zerop n) lyrics)
      (t (count-bottles (decrement n)
        (append lyrics (list (verse n)))))))))
  (count-bottles (quote (9 9)) ())))

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