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Language Python

(using lambda in LISP style)

Author:J Adrian Zimmer
Score: (2.86 in 36 votes)
# Readable Python Version of "99 Bottles of Beer" Program
# Well, its readable if you know Python reasonably well.
# Public Domain by J Adrian Zimmer [[ ]]

verse1 = lambda x: \
"""%s of beer on the wall, %s of beer.
Take one down, pass it around, %s of beer on the wall.
""" % (bottle(x),bottle(x),bottle(x-1))

verse2 = \
"""No more bottles of beer on the wall, no more bottles of beer.
Go to the store, buy some more, 99 bottles of beer on the wall.

def verse(x):
    if x==0:     return verse2
    else:        return verse1(x)

def bottle(x):
    if x==0:   return "no more bottles"
    elif x==1: return str(x) + " bottle"
    else:      return str(x) + " bottles"

print "\n".join( [ verse(x) for x in range(99,-1,-1) ] )

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>>   said on 07/15/09 22:36:11

It could be made more functional:

def verse(x):
return verse2 if x == 0 else verse1 (x)

def bottle(x):
return "no more bottles" if x == 0 else "%d bottle%s" % (x, "" if x == 1 else "s";)

>>  nallias said on 12/02/09 09:20:16

nallias Another version of a Lisp-like code:

wall=(i==1) and (lambda i: str(i)+" bottle of beer on the wall, "+str(i)+" bottle of beer!\nTake one down, pass it around,\n"+str(i-1)+" bottles of beer on the wall!\n";) or (lambda i: str(i)+" bottle of beer on the wall, "+str(i)+" bottle of beer!\nTake one down, pass it around,\nNo bottles of beer on the wall!\n";)
for i in range(99,0,-1):
print wall(i)

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