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Language Python

(minimal version)

Author:Oliver Xymoron
Score: (2.87 in 107 votes)
By Oliver Xymoron (133 Bytes)

a,t="\n%s bottles of beer on the wall","\nTake one down, pass it around"
for d in range(99,0,-1):print(a%d*2)[:-12]+t+a%(d-1 or'No')

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>>  Rune Berge said on 06/13/05 14:56:38

Rune Berge Nice and short :)
My only nitpick is that it doesn't handle the singular form of bottles in the two last verses...

>>  John Irby said on 07/12/05 01:02:56

John Irby Maybe add a minimilist input() statement at the bottom for slow readers.

>>  Wen Zhang said on 08/31/06 14:52:30

Wen Zhang We needn't the variable t, just print it directly and save 4 chars.

>>  sitopren said on 02/13/10 14:06:45

sitopren Implementing Wen Zhang's suggestion, it would look like this:
a="\n%s bottles of beer on the wall"
for d in range(99,0,-1):print(a%d*2)[:-12]+"\nTake one down, pass it around"+a%(d-1 or'No')
However, I noticed an error:
"1 bottles of beer on the wall
1 bottles of beer" (no "s" for singular!)
Additionally, punctuation and the last whole stanza are missing. So, the (a bit longer but) correct version (which needs t three times):
a="\n%s bottles of beer on the wall,"
t="\nTake one down and pass it around,"
for d in range(99,1,-1):print(a%d*2)[:-13]+"."+t+a[:-1]%(d-1)+"."
z=a%"no more"
print(2*(a%1).replace("s","";))[:46]+t+z[:-1]+".\nN"+(2*z)[2:61]+".\nGo to the store and buy some more,"+a[:31]%99+"."

>>  Brian said on 09/13/10 21:54:23

Brian But by the time You got to that last bottle, You'd be so drunk, You were pronouncing the word with an 's' at the end. So, it's all good. ;-)

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